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Aimee AndersonDesserts have always been the best part of the meal for me - sometimes, the only part.  My sweet tooth is insatiable.  My grandma Martha Nonnemacher inspired me to bake as a teenager.  I enjoy creating desserts, eating them, and sharing the moment with others.  I got the opportunity to put my passion into action on season 4 of The Next Great Baker on TLC.  Check out my short video Meet the Bakers

Years ago, I received two family toffee recipes, which I tweaked a bit and made my own.  I began making my toffee during the holiday seasons, handing it out as gifts to friends and family, and selling it at craft fairs.  The response was sensational! And thus my dream came true, a marriage of passion and confection, the launch of Aimee’s Toffee.

KidsMy other passion, besides desserts, is supporting Going Global Inc., and going with my dad, Dennis Nonnemacher, on missions trips he leads to help orphans and widows around the world.  Some of his favorite places to serve are Nepal, Myanmar, and the Andaman Islands.  I’ve visited some of the orphanages, and my heart fell in love with the children and the countries. 

It’s my desire that the proceeds of Aimee’s Toffee help the kids.  So far, I’ve been able to send a few thousand dollars to help meet the basic needs--food, clothing, and education for the children, and I can’t wait to do more.  Aimee’s Toffee is truly "sweet for you, sweeter for orphans." Watch a short video.

Thank you for visiting my website.  I hope this glimpse into my heart causes your sweet tooth to be activated. Join in the cause to help feed and care for children globally. Buy Aimee’s Toffee!

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